Adiskide onekin, orduak labur

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Language Basque
Topics Friendship
Explanation and use (in mother tongue) Denbora oso arin pasatzen da lagunez inguratuta gaudenean.
Adiskide onekin orduak labur Araitz.jpg

In English

Literal Translation: With good friends, hours are short.
Real meaning: Time goes by quickly when we are surrounded by friends.
Related idioms: Time flies.

In other languages

Language Literal translation To express the same Related Idioms
Basque ... ... ...
Catalan ... ... ...
Galician Con bos amigos, as horas son cortas. Cando estamos con bos amigos, o tempo pasa rápido. O tempo voa.
German ... ... ...
Italian ... ... ...
Romanian Cu prietenii buni timpul trece repede. Timpul zboară. Timpul zboară.
Spanish Con buenos amigos, las horas cortas. Cuando estamos con buenos amigos, el tiempo pasa rápido. El tiempo vuela.
Turkish Zamanın çok hızlı geçip gitmesi Zamanın çok hızlı geçip gitmesi Zaman su gibi akıp gidiyor.