Dar gato por liebre

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Language Spanish
Topics Animals
Explicación e uso (in mother tongue) Cuando te dan gato por liebre, te han engañado: te han dado una cosa de menor valor haciéndote creer que era algo mejor.

In English

Literal Translation: Give a cat instead a hare
Real meaning: a deliberate deception by giving an article with less quality than the one that had been agreed upon at the beginning
Related idioms: To pull the wool over somebody. To take somebody for a ride.

In other languages

Language Literal translation To express the same Related Idioms
Basque ... ... ...
Catalan ... ... ...
Galician Dar gato por lebre Cando che dan un gato por lebre, enganáronte Dar gato por lebre
Romanian A schimba pisica cu un iepure. A duce cu preșul. ...
Turkish ... ... ...