El temps és or

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Language Catalan
Topics Time, Habits
Explanation and use Aquesta frase feta vol dir que el temps és un recurs valuós perquè el temps en aquest món és finit

In English

Literal Translation: Time is gold
Real meaning: Time is the most valuable thing in the world, for once lost, it’s impossible to recover and this idiom also means that to earn money, we should use our time in fruitful activities.

Related idioms: Time is money

In other languages

Language Literal translation To express the same Related Idioms
Basque ... ... ...
Catalan ... ... ...
Galician O tempo é oro O tempo é moi importante O tempo é oro
German ... ... ...
Italian ... Il tempo è denaro ... ...
Romanian ... ... ...
Spanish El tiempo es oro El tiempo es muy importante El tiempo es oro
Turkish Zaman altındır “zaman para gibi değerlidir, boşa geçirilmemesi gerekir” anlamında söylenir. Vakit, nakittir