Evin direği olmak

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Language Turkish
Topics Family
DTürkçe anlamı ve kullanımı (in mother tongue) Ailenin geçimini sağlayan en önemli kişisi. "Anne evin direğidir."

In English

Literal Translation: Column of the home.
Real meaning: A very important member or part of a family, organization, etc.
Related idioms: Pillar of the home. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/tr/s%C3%B6zl%C3%BCk/ingilizce/pillar

In other languages

Language Literal translation To express the same Related Idioms
Basque ... ... ...
Catalan ... ... ...
Galician ... ... ...
Romanian Coloana casei. Un membru foarte important sau o parte dintr-o familie, organizație etc. Stâlpul casei.
Spanish ... ... ...