Hego haizea, ero haizea

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Language Basque
Topics Nature
Explanation and use (in mother tongue) Hego haizea datorrenean, bero datorrenez, zentzumenak erotu egiten direla esaten da.
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In English

Literal Translation: Wind from the south, crazy wind.
Real meaning: When the warm wind comes from the south, it is said that our senses go crazy.
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In other languages

Language Literal translation To express the same Related Idioms
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Galician Vento do sur, vento loco. O vento do sur vóltanos tolos ...
Romanian Vânt din sud, vânt nebun. ... ...
Spanish Viento del sur, viento loco. El viento del sur nos vuelve locos ...
Turkish Güneyden rüzgar, çılgın rüzgar. ... ...