Nu haina îl face pe om.

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Language Romanian
Topics Virtue ,Love
Explicații și utilizare Se referă la virtuțile și valorile omenești care depășesc materialul.

In English

Literal Translation: Clothes don’t make a man.
Real meaning: It reveres to the human virtues and values that go beyond the material.

It means that a person’s values make themself being a human and not the clothes.

Related idioms: Clothes don’t make a man.

In other languages

Language Literal translation To express the same Related Idioms
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Catalan ... ... ...
Galician ... ... ...
Spanish ... ... ...
Turkish Kıyafet adam yapmaz. Kılık kıyafet, değeri olmayan kişiye değer kazandırmaz. Kılık kıyafetle adam adam olmaz(Proverb)