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Ghost Car Alarm - Protect Your Vehicle From Theft

Ghost Car Alarms are devices that protects your vehicle against theft. It is designed to work in a quiet manner, and it is compatible with CAN-data. In addition it is simple to install and comes with a warranty.

Easy to install

Investing in an easy to install ghost car alarm can help protect your car from a variety of possible threats. One of the biggest issues in the automotive industry is theft of cars. Modern criminals utilize new technology to evade security systems. They can hack into OBD ports and gain access to vehicles.

Ghost is a new kind of vehicle security. It's compact, affordable and discreet. It is also insurance approved. This is the best choice for businesses that depend on one or more vehicles.

Ghost uses a CAN network to identify your car. Then, it needs a four-digit pincode to begin the vehicle. It makes it difficult for thieves to bypass.

You can also create a remote start function for your vehicle. This lets you pre-heat the engine and precool the air prior to you get into the vehicle.

Installing a ghost steering lock is an additional method of securing your vehicle. It is a device that is connected to the fuel pump. If the vehicle isn't in the vehicle it will shut off the system automatically. it.

In addition to locking your vehicle, you can also utilize Ghost to control your trunk and doors. It is weatherproof and has simple to use buttons.

autowatch ghost immobiliser fitting is a good idea when you travel regularly or have a business that requires vehicles. Ghost is a great alarm that can be put in any vehicle.

In addition, the Autowatch Ghost system is silent. It does not emit radio signals or laser signals. It is weatherproof, and can be installed virtually everywhere.

Ghost is a simple to install and cost-effective solution to modern vehicle theft. There are many advantages.

CAN-data compatible

The Autowatch Ghost is the next generation of protection for vehicles. It offers first-class protection against key cloning, car hacking as well as theft. It is designed to be discreet and quiet, it operates quietly , and is able to use the onboard CAN data network.

Ghost is a cheap and effective method to secure modern vehicles. This small, weatherproof device can be mounted on any vehicle in order to safeguard it from thieves.

It is highly effective in deterring theft of vehicles and will safeguard your vehicle against key replication and ECU swapping. It is also easy to set up and take down.

Ghost operates on a CAN Data Network, which is different from other security solutions. The CAN data network is not susceptible to circuit cutting, which is something that criminals have become proficient at. Ghost makes it simple and affordable to set up an alarm in any area.

Its minimalist design is appealing to many. This security system is perfect for protecting your vehicle and other valuables, no matter if you own a car.

It also helps you save money on insurance. Car thieves are becoming more sophisticated in their methods of taking cars. A Ghost car alarm can make it more difficult for thieves to drive away with your car. It also allows only authorized users to unlock your vehicle.

It uses a secure PIN code that can be used to activate the alarm, and only the user is able to start the car. Since it relies on CAN data, it won't hinder the performance of your vehicle.

CAN-data compatible Ghost car alarms are an excellent way to safeguard your car and your valuables. To activate, they require an unique four-digit code. The code can be programmed using the smartphone or a button on the steering wheel.


A silent car alarm can be used to safeguard your vehicle from theft. The device is virtually impossible to locate since it doesn't utilize radio frequency signals or LED indicators.

Ghost security systems are compatible with a wide range of vehicles. It communicates with your vehicle's ECU through an CAN Data Network. This allows the system's installation to be completed almost anywhere.

Ghost's autowatch is small, quiet and discreet. It also shields your vehicle from key cloning and prevents swapping your ECU. It connects to your vehicle's CAN Data Network, and uses your personal PIN code to ensure your vehicle's security.

Ghost is easy to use and install. Once the application is downloaded, you can connect your vehicle to the system with an Android phone. The phone can be used to disable the system if it is within the reach of.

autowatch ghost immobiliser fitting can be controlled by your vehicle's buttons and steering wheel controls. This is a great method for your car to be secure from theft and copying. Without keys or a key fob, thieves is likely to have a difficult to start your engine.

The Ghost can be used with a wide variety of vehicle brands. It requires minimal wiring and circuit cuts, making it virtually impossible for thieves to gain access to.

The Ghost's low profile design and elegant appearance ensures it's a discrete and easily installed device. Professional diagnostic tools are not able to detect its presence.

Ghost is weatherproof and does not require additional wiring. autowatch ghost immobiliser fitting and steering wheel controls allow for distinct sequences of presses.

The Ghost can stop a burglar from beginning your engine by asking for the correct PIN code. It can be mounted on the dashboard or any other location in your vehicle.

Invulnerable to theft

Ghost car alarms are a solid solution to guard your car against theft. The alarm is small enough to be able to be put virtually anywhere. It safeguards against key replication.

An Autowatch Ghost Imobiliser allows you to drive your car confidently. Its strong features and the ability to thwart fake car theft make it a must have for every vehicle owner.

Autowatch is a South African company and the Ghost is its most advanced vehicle security system. This immobiliser protects against replica keys, car theft key cloning, hacking, and lost keys.

Ghost can be accessed via a remote control or simply by pressing the buttons on your vehicle. Ghost is compatible with CAN bus systems and it is weatherproof to the max.

Ghost is programmed with a unique PIN code. You can forget the code and bypass the PIN using the emergency PIN-override function.

The device is connected to the car's ECU or Controller Area Network Data circuit. It is not jammed and won't reveal your location. Ghost is completely safe from theft like other car alarms.

Ghost can be used on several vehicles, but it's the most effective for those who do not have key fobs. Using a personalised PIN code, Ghost will prevent you from starting the vehicle when you don't enter it.

Autowatch Ghost is simple to install and protects your vehicle from fake keys or cloning theft. It can be accessed from any door panel, steering column, or central console. It is compatible with numerous automobile brands because of its CAN data bus connectivity.

A recent BBC Click investigation aired on iPlayer and BBC World News. It revealed that security vulnerabilities in three major manufacturer apps had put hundreds of thousands of vehicles in danger.


There's a good chance that you haven't been the victim of a car theft however if you've been a scrooge in the past when it is to your insurance premiums you may be thinking about a handy technique to cut down on the cost of insurance. The best part about this trick is that you don't need to replace your batteries or tear off your paintwork in order to do it.

You can find an insurer who is happy to help you cut the cost of insurance for your high-risk vehicle by up to a third. With Ghost2 you can rest easy knowing your car has one of the most secure and reliable security systems available on the market. It's the best way to make sure you're not frightened when driving.

Although no security system is impervious to failure, Ghost2 can deliver on its promises. If you're thinking of a smart phone compatible mobile app, you'll be able control the security of your vehicle in real-time without having to fiddle with the keys or the keychain. You can also look into Bluetooth connectivity. This is not even including the convenience that you don't need to remember to take your phone with your when you visit the station. With the help of the system's features you can lock and unlock your car, and even start the engine. This alone makes it one of the most sought-after security systems for cars.

Additionally, autowatch ghost immobiliser fitting is compatible with most vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet and Volkswagen. The system is simple to install and takes just a few minutes.