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Welcome, ongi etorri, benvingut, benvido, bine ati venit, bienvenido, hoşgeldiniz

In this project we will gather a lot of idioms and proverbs from different languages with their origin, use, real meanings, literal translations and also equivalent idioms in English and other languages.


Idioms by language: Basque - Catalan - Galician - Romanian - Spanish - Turkish - Ukrainian

Idioms by topic

High Schools involved:

  • Pamukören Ortaokulu - Kuyucak, Turkey
  • IES Ignacio Ellacuria-Zurbaran BHI - Bilbao, Spain
  • IES Fernando Wirtz Suárez - A Coruña, Spain
  • Colegiul „Petru Maior” - Reghin, Romania
  • INS Ramon Barbat Miracle, Vila-Seca, Spain
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This wiki is made by a group of European High Schools under an Etwinning project.